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Keepsakes Pakistan is an online souvenir shop where you can buy good quality, artisanal tokens of love from all corners of Pakistan; reminiscent of this land from peaks to shores.

Sarah and Mariya, a designer-artist duo, are the hands behind this shop who are passionate about travel, culture and tourism. They feel that Pakistan is a country full of hidden and beautiful places which often go under appreciated, therefore aim to brand Pakistan, promote tourism and bring such places into the limelight through designing and crafting unique souvenirs.


Where art & creative mind collides
  • Hand crafted with love

    We take pride in crafting our souvenirs using our skills and external help with uber talented vendors. Most of the products are crafted using natural materials found in this country to give an authentic experience.

  • Unique and diverse

    We keep looking for inspiration around us to create beautifully detailed and unique souvenirs that stand out from the cliche. Our categories are as diverse as Pakistan’s culture, making us a one stop shop for all kinds of keepsakes!

  • Quality over everything

    Nothing gives us more pleasure than making the best pieces for our customers, packing them carefully, dispatching and then receiving a loving feedback!


Loved by many. Our beautifully crafted designs always have loving feedback.

I have received my order, its beautiful. I was in awe and it made me emotional. Thank you so much and I will give shoutout on my insta once i pass out to the person I got it for. Thank you once again.

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Madeha Rai Zargar Customer

Hello, Sorry this is coming late but I got the parcel and absolutely what I ordered. It was amazing in more than one way and thank you for the last minute and including pizza pamir. You’re the best.

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Ausaf Ahmed Customer

I just got the package. Thank you so much, they are beautiful. I got them for my system who is visiting from abroad. I think she will love them, hope to continue shopping with you.

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Ammara Ayub Customer

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